That 70’s Camaro

The coolest neighbour award goes to Donny from Peninsula Garage Doors in Niagara Falls.

He’s brought this 2nd Gen Camaro back from the dead in a furious way. Nothing left unturned. Absolutely every nut, bolt, panel was either upgraded, replaced or refurbished.

And finally it’s our turn to step in 👩‍🎨front and rear glass both need installation.

Stay tuned for an update on this machine.

Mustang Autobody prep & paint continues…

So in order to do this job the right way the complete roof had to be taken down to bare metal

We opted to use a chemical stripper but before that we power sanded a good portion of the old clear coat off. Taking this step allowed us to use far less chemical remover as well kept the work area controllable.

Chemical removers are very powerful and highly recommend use of heavy duty rubber gloves and respirator.

With the glass finally removed we could carefully prep the mating surface area and start sealing up the roof.

We’ll be back soon with some color and the glass back in. Stayed up to date by following our blogs, YouTube channel and on social media.

Do we wrap or paint?

Regardless which route we go with this process requires the front and rear window removal.

Tricky process to remove original glass. The old urethane has been bonding for years and precise tools are definitely required for the job.

To be continued. . .

DeBoss Garage 67’ Pontiac GTO

On the road again and this time teamed up with Dunnville Ontario’s finest Deboss Garage Inc.  Their 1967 Pontiac GTO build has been and still is a big hit on youtube.  This car is essentially new again after a full rotisserie rebuild, paint, EFI and so much more.

The vehicle was originally purchased incomplete which meant much of it was missing including the glass.  Rich secured both the front and rear and we managed to correctly install both. 

For us this was  not your typical installation, we had to turn back the clocks and understand the older metal trim arrangement, replacement fasteners required and the dimensions we were working with.  A challenge perhaps but a good one because its not everyday you get to wrench on such a vintage motor vehicle.

Some photos of the car, super happy with the results. Thanks again to Deboss for selecting us on this job.  Proud to support your channel and good luck on Hot Rod PowerTour 2019.

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Glass mishaps – working indoors

One of our clients just recently shared this accident and we figured worth publishing on our blog.

As installers we can easily say this situation could have been avoided but also it reminds us of the pitfalls of working outside.

First and foremost we dont do much mobile work.  Simply put we like to 
work indoors in a controlled environment.  As long as its free of heavy oil and grease and waxes we are generally good to go.

Its also worth adding that working indoors keeps you away from the direct sunlight.  Lets face it the rays coming off the sun are extremely hot and capable of weakening most surfaces, glass included.  Case in 
point a windshield sitting on a portable rack exposed to sunlight for just a short period of time is enough to soften the glued center membrane making the layered “laminated” glass more susceptible to cracking.  During all glass installations a certain amount of force is always applied. And his force maybe just enough to crack the weakened glass surface.

While we have no thermal scientific proof this is our a belief from experience and it all makes perfectly good sense.

Speed Academy RA24 Toyota Celica

We’re long time followers of Speed Academy on YouTube and recently they rang us up for glass work on “Connie Celica”. Of course we agreed and just recently completed stage one of the glass removal. The Celica video update is due out in the near future so be sure to lookout for it and don’t forget to subscribe to their channel 🙂

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