Glass mishaps – working indoors

One of our clients just recently shared this accident and we figured worth publishing on our blog.

As installers we can easily say this situation could have been avoided but also it reminds us of the pitfalls of working outside.

First and foremost we dont do much mobile work.  Simply put we like to 
work indoors in a controlled environment.  As long as its free of heavy oil and grease and waxes we are generally good to go.

Its also worth adding that working indoors keeps you away from the direct sunlight.  Lets face it the rays coming off the sun are extremely hot and capable of weakening most surfaces, glass included.  Case in 
point a windshield sitting on a portable rack exposed to sunlight for just a short period of time is enough to soften the glued center membrane making the layered “laminated” glass more susceptible to cracking.  During all glass installations a certain amount of force is always applied. And his force maybe just enough to crack the weakened glass surface.

While we have no thermal scientific proof this is our a belief from experience and it all makes perfectly good sense.