COVID19 Information

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak we are taking several precautions here at the shop. Including regular disinfecting and sterilization procedures and as well we ask that all customers follow our simple requests below.

  • Please call directly before showing up in person for repair estimate.
  • Ensure vehicle interior is clean and wiped down.
  • If your not feeling well or are in self-isolation mode please tell us in advance and make other delivery arrangements.
  • Preferred payment is e-transfer. Can be sent to our email address (listed on contact page).

Most of all please stay safe and remember your Canadian. We live in an amazing country with an incredible health care system. #CANADA

2021 Greetings 🥳

Just wanted to send a shoutout to our customers for patiently waiting for our workshop to reopen. Thank you for the continued trust you have put in our brand.

Our 2021 hours will remain the same and we continue to ask you to call before arriving at our workshop. Additionally its imperative that all vehicles with booked appointments are wiped down and dissenfected.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you in 2021!

Rust control with Krown

Car maintenance is important but equally is the cleanliness of your vehicle. Interior clean up should a routine duty. And a quick check of your HVAC cabin filter is especially important if you suffer from any sort of allergy or have respiratory illness. And must we not forget the exterior – A good coating of wax will defend against moisture, salt and other contaminants which typically lead to rust. And I guess that’s where Krown also comes into play. They offer complete oil spray treatments for vehicles and additionally our favorite, the Krown aerosol rust protection.

This treatment can be applied a number of ways. You can simply spray it directly over any rust that you may see on your vehicle or you can get into an extreme detailing mode. Photos below exhibit this procedure on a vehicle we had in the shop.

Our targeted areas involved de-greasing of the front suspension, wheel arches and cargo trunk area. Once these areas were fully dried out we used a simple applicator to apply the Krown Rust protection spray. A timely procedure but we think a very important one.

We cant recommend this Krown product enough, cheapest anti-corrosion insurance on the market. period! You can purchase direct from Krown E-Store HERE or if your looking for a detail package give us a call directly or drop by the shop.